Zach Riggs Group of Keller Williams

Zach's team is skilled in all aspects of selling and purchasing real estate in the Greater Springfield area. Real estate trends vary in different regions so having a local agent who is well informed about the ever-changing trends such as property values, school districts, desirable areas and subdivisions is a critical part of the buying and selling process. Their goal is that every client has an amazing experience and feels valued.

Team v. Individual Agent

Each and every real estate sale brings with it a great deal of behind-the-scenes work that you may not be aware of. If you factor in the mountains of paper work, inspection meetings, negotiation meetings, market analysis in addition to fielding requests for information via phone and e-mail, it's a lot for single agent to handle.

When you hire a real estate team, you harness the collaborative power of several industry professionals working toward your cause. With an entire team at your disposal, that mountain of paperwork and other behind-the-scenes aspects become much more manageable. 

Here are 6 reasons why using a team is more advantageous than using an individual agent:

1: Multiplies Efforts to Sell Your Home

With a team, you can take advantage of multiple spheres of influence as well as the unique specializations that each team member brings to the table. The marketing of your property can be effectively optimized through multiple channels simultaneously.

2: No Extra Fees or Costs

It doesn't cost you anything more, so why not? The opportunity to take advantage of an entire team of seasoned real estate professionals all working toward one singular goal ends up costing the very same as just a single agent.

3: Split Work, Different Areas can be Worked on Simultaneously

More team members allows different tasks to be split up and delegated to those best suited to completing particular tasks. This also means that as one team member is showing your property, another member can be working on marketing initiatives, or fielding additional purchase offers.

4: More One on One Time Available to be Devoted to You

With different agents taking care of all of tasks involved with selling your home, this allows more time for dedicated one-on-one consultation time with you, the client. Freed of some responsibility, you'll always have an agent able to field your questions or concerns, without distraction.

5: An Efficient Flow of Paper Work

Delegation is key to the success of a real estate team. With specific tasks assigned, there will be less distraction, and less distraction means paperwork can be filed efficiently and free of errors. All this contributes to a speedy sale/or purchase.

6: More Time to Dedicated to Fielding Calls

More time can be dedicated to fielding sales inquiries, following up with leads and even soliciting sales. To you, the home buyer or seller, this means a much quicker sale, benefiting all parties.