Free Things To Do As A Family!

It's summer and that means that there is plenty of outdoor fun to be had! Thursday nights at Farmers Park is one great thing to do that doesn't cost anything unless you want it to. Small, local businesses gather to hang out in one place at the "Party in the Park" event every Thursday night from 5:00-8:00pm. 

Kids can play in the Notes Music Park where you can find large instruments, relax in the hammocks or even meet new friends. Each week brings new things to do such as new vendors selling foods, drinks, purses, clothes or even just fun free activities for the family. 

Sip on a fun flavored drink as live music and the smell of great food fills the air. You can always shop in the stores surrounding the market place with unique merchandise.  When the temperature gets warm enough, the kids can play in the water fountains that spray out of the ground.