City Butcher Brings Texas BBQ to the Ozarks

City Butcher, located at 3650 S. Campbell Ave in Springfield is today's featured restaurant in our weekly "Foodie Friday". Before we dive too far into it, the writer of this blog must first disclose that he is from Kansas City, home to arguably some of the best BBQ in the world. And while Oklahoma Joe's and Arthur Bryant's are still the two the beat, City Butcher certainly gives them a run for their money.

City Butcher is tucked away in the middle of strip center.  It's not the first place one would think of to find exceptional BBQ but boy were we in for a treat!

Interior: A butcher shop with a few Texas accents! Hook 'Em Horns!

Staff: The staff was awesome. When we arrived there were three employees at the counter. One would cut your meat, the second would grab your side items, and the third would ring you up. You could tell that they were extremely busy but loving every minute of it!

Cuisine: Exceptional. The brisket, ribs and pulled pork were cooked to perfection.  Our neighbors at the table (our friends from Flat Branch Home Loans) even let us sample some of their smoked turkey.  It was ridiculously delicious!  Tip: Get there early! They start serving BBQ at 11:00 AM and it's first come first serve until they run out.  Also, seating is limited so be prepared to make new friends as you might have to share a table with others -- which is fun if they share their food too! 

Prices: Expect to pay $12 - $15 per person. 

Overall: 9/10.  Go stuff your face with some of the best BBQ around!  We will be going back!