La Paloma Restaurant Review - Springfield, MO

Welcome to the first installment of our weekly "Foodie Fridays". The idea is simple - every Friday morning, we will post a review of a new restaurant or a local favorite in Springfield. Our first review takes us to La Paloma, located in the Southern Hills Shopping Center at 3014 E. Sunshine in Springfield.

Daily food and drink specials.

Daily food and drink specials.

Overall, we were pretty impressed. Located in the same location as the now deceased City Mexican restaurant, La Paloma, or "The Dove", iTs certainly a refreshing take on local Mexican cuisine. 

Interior/Decor: Bright, clean, and updated! Definitely an upgrade from City Mexican.

Staff: The staff was very friendly, attentive and accommodating. No complaints here.

Cuisine: The food was quite good. We ordered from the lunch menu (see picture below) and chose the Fajitas and the Monterrey Deluxe, both for $8.99. The Fajitas were very good and are definitely a good value for that price. The Monterrey Deluxe felt like it was missing something. It was good, but somewhat bland. The ingredients used were all extremely fresh.

Prices: $ Well priced for the amount of food.

Overall: 7.5/10 - We will be back!



Bright and clean interior.

Fajitas - $8.99

Monterrey Deluxe - $8.99

Monterrey Deluxe - $8.99

Lunch Menu